I have had some successes changing up just a few of my Tiny Habits, chief among them my times of day for having my meals. Having three regular, moderate meals has been a great help in controlling my appetite, and maintaining my diet. Changing my habit of staying up late watching TV or reading is another Tiny Habit I am working on now. I am seeing that small changes in my habits can lead to long term modification of less than optimal behavior regarding diet and exercise. In this case, one day at a time is more than a tired overused cliche. Brenda is substantially responsible for these positive results.
— My Healthy Body
I am writing to endorse Brenda Fishers program, Tiny Habits. I found it to be a unique and valuable tool to help break down overwhelming goals into doable, achievable actions that could be accomplished! Brenda’s explanation and teaching on Tiny Habits was clear, concise and inspiring!

This is an excellent program and Brenda is an excellent instructor. I encourage anyone to use this approach to achieve their goals.
— Nancy Lang

Tiny habits have helped me have a positive start to my day. It’s helped me feel like I have accomplished a lot more than I would normally get done in a single day. They are quick and not overwhelming.

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